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Just some of the people i've met along the way.
Canada 2007
Some pictures from a trip to the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia.
'Security Wall' Palestine 2004
I went to Palestine to see the construction, by the Israelis, of the so called security wall. The wall will, bar a number of secure crossing points, eventually seal off the whole of the Palestinian West Bank territories.
Via Dolorosa
The 'way of sorrow'. Said to be the route taken by Jesus on his way to crucifixion through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. The route is marked by 14 Stations of the Cross depicting events along the journey. The route begins at the Lions Gate and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The stations are marked by numbered plaques. Tourism and troubles have blighted the route.
Jerusalem 2002
Images from the Western Wall in the Old City.
Qalandia Palestine 2002
Every day the Palestinians wishing to cross from the West Bank into Israel have to endure the Military Checkpoints. Qalandia is just one.
Tamun Palestine 2002
After a shooting at a nearby Israeli settlement Israeli forces moved into the village of Tamun, near Nablus, to search for the gunmen.
Ramallah Palestine 2002
Yasser Arafats HQ in Ramallah had been the subject of an Israeli blocklade to stop him from leaving the complex. Most days the Palestinians would protest with the inevitable clashes.
Ramallah Palestine 2000
These images were taken in Ramallah at the start of the current Intifada which began in September 2000
Bethlehem Palestine 2000
Even the birthplace of Jesus is not beyond the conflict of the Intifada. A young boy throwing stones at Israeli soldiers is shot in the head with a rubber bullet.
Hebron Palestine 2000
With every demonstration comes the inevitable deaths. During the Intifada funerals take place daily in Palestine and Hebron is no exception. After the funeral comes the demonstration and the cycle begins again.
Kukes Albania Border Crossing 1999
Kosovan refugees poured over the border into Albania after having been stripped of any documents that identified them as Yugoslavian.
Kukes Albania Refugee Camp 1999
Kukes is an Albanian town on the border with Yugoslavian held Kosovo. It saw the expulsion of thousands of Kosovan refugees during the Kosovan/Yugoslavian conflict of 1999.
Tirana Albania 1999
The capitol of Albania became home to thousands of Kosovan refugees during the Yugoslavia/Kosovo conflict of 1999. The refugees were placed in old factories, sports halls and leisure comlex.
Nahr el Bared Lebanon 1998
A refugee camp in the north of Lebanon home to some 30,000 displaced Palestinians
Beddawi Lebanon 1998
Another one of the many Palestinian refugee camps situated throughout Lebanon.
Shatila Lebanon 1998
Shatila is a Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Beirut. In 1982 many of its occupants were massacred, along with occupants of the neighbouring Sabra refugee camp, by Christian Phalangist malitia during the Lebanese civil war.
Magnet strike Darlington 1998
In August 1996 over 300 workers at the Magnet Kitchen Factory in Darlington, Co Durham went on strike over pay cuts and working conditions. The striking workers set up a round the clock picket at the factory gate. The strike was to become Britains longest industrial dispute. These pictures were taken as the strikers enter their 20th month.
The door staff at various pubs and clubs in Wolverhampton 1997.
Londonderry 1997
The annual Apprentice Boys marches frequently cause tentions between Loyalists and Nationalists in Derry City.
A derelict industrial site under the Redheugh Bridge Newcastle Upon Tyne 1995. Eerie 'shadows' painted, by persons unknown, on the surrounding walls stand watch.
Las Vegas
24 hours in Las Vegas looking for the darker side of the bright lights.
Images taken during a road trip through the California and Nevada deserts